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Other Titles: Nicolaus Kozlowski
Mikolaj Kozlowski
Authors: NICOLAUS COSLOWSKY M. Zwiercan, “Kozłowski Mikołaj” in (accessed on 15.01.2021) - P. Krass, “Polish-Czech Relations in the Hussite Period – Religious Aspects” in Zdeněk V. David and David Ralph Holeton (eds.), The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice, vol. 4, Papers from the IV International Symposium on the Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice under auspices of the Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic held at Vila Lanna, Prague 26-28 June 2000, Prague: 2002, p. 178. - P. W. Knoll, “A pearl of powerful learning. The University of Cracow in the Fifteenth Century”, Brill: Leiden, Boston, 2016, p. 258, p. 274, pp. 548-550, pp. 613-614, p. 645. was a student in Prague, in September 14, 1398, he obtained his bachelor degree in liberal arts under the supervision of Jerome of Prague. - magister artium in 1402, Prague, while Jan Hus was the dean of the faculty. - in 1434 he was a member of the Council of Basle. - rector of the University of Krákow in 1410.
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