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NameView Author(s) ItemsChronologyCollection(s)
ONOFRIUS DE FLORENTIAview items1330 - 1410Authors
Onofrius de Florentia (ff. 49v-52r, frag.)CONRADUS ZOLLNER-Associates (socii)
Onofrius de Florentia (ff. 49v-52r, frag.)JACOBUS DE ALTAVILLA-Associates (socii)
Paul of PerugiaIOHANNES DE MIRECURIA-Associates (socii)
PAULUS PERUSINUSview items-Authors
Peter of Ragena/AragoniaCONRADUS DE EBERBACO-Associates (socii)
PETRUS CEFFONSview items1315 - 1350Authors
PETRUS DE ALLIACOview items1350 - 1420Authors
Petrus de AlliacoAEGIDIUS DE CAMPIS-Associates (socii)
Petrus de AlliacoGERARDUS DE HEISEN-Associates (socii)
Petrus de AlliacoPETRUS GRACILIS-Associates (socii)
Petrus de BelloponteJOHANNES HEINLYN DE LAPIDE-Associates (socii)
PETRUS DE GELRIAview items1353 - 1404Authors
Petrus de TurribusASCENCIUS DE SANCTO COLUMBA-Associates (socii)
Petrus de TurribusPETRUS CEFFONS-Associates (socii)
PETRUS DUCISview items1350 - 1400Authors
Petrus ForgetiAEGIDIUS CARLERII-Associates (socii)
Petrus GracilisPETRUS DE ALLIACO-Associates (socii)
Petrus GracilisAEGIDIUS DE CAMPIS-Associates (socii)
Petrus GracilisGERARDUS DE HEISEN-Associates (socii)