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Other Titles: Johannes de Pontecrucis (le Boles)
Authors: IOHANNES DE PONTECRUCIS, Aux origines de la Sorbonne. I Robert de Sorbon, Paris 1966, pp. 165, 172, 228, 316, 333 William J. Courtenay, “Supplications for benefices by the University of Paris: the provisions for 1365”, in Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 43/44 (1998/1999) pp. 79-137 Jean-Luc Deuffic, “La confrérie Saint-Yves de Paris en 1368. Une liste de membres inédite”, in Pecia 2 (2003), pp. 29-64. William J. Courtenay, Rotuli Parisienses: Supplications to the Pope from the University of Paris, p. 240 A. Molinier, Obituaires de la province de Sens, t. I (Diocèses de Sens et de Paris), pars 2, Paris 1902, p. 748 1375ître ès ars, 1359 bachelor in Theology, (Cornouaille)
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