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dc.contributor.authorPROCOPIUS DE KLADRUBen_US
dc.titlePrincipium Ien_US
debate.manuscript.libraryArchiv Pražského hradu, fond Knihovna Metropolitní kapitulyen_US
debate.manuscript.bibliographyD. COUFAL, “Od prisahy ke konfesi a zpet? Universzitni protestace v pozdnim stredoveku a jeji promena ve Viklefove a husitskem mysleni,” in Husitske reformace. Promena kulturniho kodu v. 15 stoleti, ed. P. CERMANOVA, P. SOUKUP, Prague 2019, pp. 22-68. D. COUFAL, “From Oath to Confession and Back? Protestatio in the Late Middle Ages, and its Transformation in the Thought of Wyclif and the Hussites,” tr. M. Pjecha, in Wycliffism and Hussitism: Methods of Thinking, Writing and Persuasion, c. 1360 – c. 1460, ed. K. Ghosh and P. Soukup, Turnhout, Brepols 2021, pp. 157-177, here pp. 159-160en_US
debate.manuscript.shelfmarkF XIXen_US
debate.manuscript.fol29v, 26r-32, 38r-44ven_US
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