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Other Titles: Godefridus Haadeby
Godefridus Hardebii
Authors: GODEFRIDUS HARDEBY HACKETT, “The Spiritual Life of the English Austin Friars in the Fourteenth Century”, in Sanctus Augustinus Vitae Spiritualis Magister, Romae, 1959, vol. II, p. 421-492, in part. 443-450; K. WALSH, “The De vita evangelica of Geoffrey Hardeby, O.E.SA. (c.1320- c. 1385). A Study in the Mendicant Controversies of Fourteenth Century”, in Analecta Agustiniana, 33 (1970), p. 151-261; 34 (1971), pp. 5-83; L.A. KENNEDY, “A fourteenth century Oxford Augustinian on the Existence of God,” in Augustiniana, 36 (1986), pp. 28-47; B. HACKETT,“Geoffrey Hardeby”, in Dictionnaire d'Histoire et Géographie Ecclésiastique, t 23, Paris,1992, col. 536-536; W. J. COURTENAY, “Theology and Theologians from Ockham to Wyclif,” in The History of the University of Oxford, vol. II: Late Medieval Oxford, ed. by J.I. CATTO and R. EVANS, Oxford, 1992, p. 1-34, in part. p. 32; A. TABARRONI, “ Nuovi testi di logica e di teologia in un codice palermitano”, in Filosofia e teologia nel trecento. Studi in ricordo di Eugenio Randi, a cura di L. Bianchi, Louvain-la-Neuve 1994, pp. 337-366 1320 1385 1353, Oxford
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