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Other Titles: Marsilius van Inguen
Marsilius Inguen
Authors: MARSILIUS DE INGHEN Toepke, Die Matrikel der Universität Heidelberg von 1386 bis 1662 (Heidellberg, 1884), I, 678–685; -G. Ritter, “Marsilius von Inghen und die okkamistische Schule in Deutschland,” p. 210.- Braakhuis, H. A. G., and Maarten J. F. M. Hoenen, eds. Marsilius von Inghen. Acts of the International Marsilius of Inghen Symposium. Nijmegen, Netherlands: Ingenium, 1992. - Maarten J. F. M. Hoenen, Marsilius of Inghen: Divine Knowledge in Late Medieval Thought. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill, 1993. - Hoenen, Maarten J. F. M., and Paul J. J. M. Baakker, eds. Philosophie und Theologie des ausgehenden Mittelalters: Marsilius von Inghen und das Denken seiner Zeit. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill, 2000 1340 Paris: 27.09.1362 magister artium; - he starts in 1366 his theological education in Paris but he never graduated; - 1367, 1371 Rector of the University of Paris; - 1363, 1373-1375 procuror of the Anglican nation; - in 1369 he is present in Avignon; - 1378 he is delegate at the court of Pope Urban VI; between 1386-1392, 1396 he is nine times rector of the University of Heidelberg; - 1389-1390 nuncio at the university of Heidelberg together with Conrad of Soltau (; - 1395-1396 first doctor in theology at the University of Heidelberg; - he posed 237 volumes in his private library
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