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Title: Thomas Ebendorfer de Haselbach
debate.associate.bibliographyW. J. Courtenay, “From Dinkelsbühl’s Questiones Communes to the Vienna Group Commentary. The Vienna ‘School’, 1415–1425, ” in Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl and the Sentences at Vienna in the Early Fifteenth Century (Studia Sententiarum, 1) ed. M. Brînzei, Turnhout 2015, pp. 267-315; I. Curuţ, “Viennese University Theologians on Practical Theology,” in Archa Verbi. Yearbook for the Study of Medieval Theology, 14 (2017), pp. 101-156; I. Curuț, “Thomas Ebendorfer of Hasselbach”, in Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy: Philosophy between 500 and 1500 (Second Edition), ed. H. Lagerlund, Springer, Dordrecht, 2020, pp. 1902-1906; I. Curuţ, “The Sentences Commentary of Thomas Ebendorfer: Manuscripts and Question Lists,” in Archives doctrinales d’histoires et littérature du Moyen Age 87 (2020) (forthcoming).
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