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dc.contributor.authorCONRADUS DE ROTENBURGen_US
dc.title.alternativeConradus de Rothenburgen_US
dc.title.alternativeChunrat von Ratenburgen_US
dc.title.alternativeConradus Uelin de Rottenburgen_US
dc.title.alternativeKonrad Ülin von Rottenburgen_US Brinzei, C. Schabel, « The Past, Present, and Future of Late Medieval Theology: The Commentary of Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl », dans Medieval Commentaries on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, ed. Philipp W. Rosemann, Vol. 3, Leyde, Brill, 2014, p. 210; – U. Zahnd, “Plagiat individualisés et stratégie de singularisation. L’évolution du livre IV du commentaire commun des Sentences de Vienne””, in Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl and the Sentences at Vienna in the Early XVth century, ed. M. Brinzei, (Studia Sententiarum, 1), Turnhout, Brepols, 2015, pp. 122-124, passim; – U. Zahnd, “Disputing without socii the Principium on Book IV of Conrad of Rothenburg, Vienna 1408/09” in The Rise of a new genre of scholasticism: Principia on the Sentences in the Fourteenth Century edited by M. Brînzei and W. O. Duba (fothcoming).en_US he begins his studies in liberal arts at the University of Vienna. -1396: licentiate in liberal arts. -dean of Arts Faculty in 1410 and 1414. -he matriculated at the Faculty of Theology after he finished his studies in liberal arts. -1408: Michael Suschenschatz paid Conrad’s tuition for his second year as sententiarius.en_US 1416en_US qui ambulabat in tenebris vidit lucem magnam (Js. 9, 2) – Principium IV : Utrum divina lux instandissima eternaliter et inter diffusa sit temporaliter orta pro salute gentium in tenebris ambulantium.en_US
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Klosterneuburg, Augustiner-Chorherrenstift 315, f. 263

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