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dc.contributor.authorPAULUS DE GELRIAen_US
dc.titlePrincipium I, IV (Basel, BU, A.X.44; fragm.)en_US
debate.manuscript.bibliography – – M. Brînzei, “Unknown Fragments of Petrus de Treysa in the Codex Basel, Universitätsbibliothek A-X-44”, in Chora 14 (2016), pp. 285-293en_US
debate.manuscript.shelfmarkA X 44en_US
debate.manuscript.folPI (ff. 10r-11v), P IV (ff. 12r-12v)en_US I: Utrum Christi immensa lux gentes iustificans sacramentaliter valeat beatificare easdem se ipso formaliter. – P IV: Utrum Christus lux gentes iustificans sacramentaliter valeat beatificare eas de seipso formaliter.en_US
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