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Title: Iohannes Thomae
debate.associate.biographySentences, Paris, 1371-1372;
debate.associate.bibliography- T. Sullivan, Parisian Licentiates in Theology, A.D. 1373-1500. A Biographical Register. Vol. 1: The Religious Orders, Leiden 2004, pp. 10, 14, 344-45; Trapp, “Augustinian Theology,” p. 267; - P. Krupa, O.P., Une grave querelle. L’université de Paris, les Mendiants et la conception immaculée de la Vierge (1387-1390), (Biblioteka Instytutu Tomistycznego. Teksty I Studia, 6), Warszawa 2013, p. 27.
debate.associate.otherorderOP in scolis exterioribus
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