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Other Titles: Johannes Brammart de Aquisgrano
Jean de Brammart
Authors: JOHANNES BRAMMART - B.M. Xiberta y Roqueta, De scriptoribus scholasticis saeculi XIV ex ordine Carmelitarum (Bibliothèque de la Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique, 6), Louvain 1931, pp. 414-452 - F.-B. Lickteig, The German Carmelites at the Medieval Universities, Roma 1981, pp. 148-150, 170-173, 184, 228. - Acta Capitulorum Generalium Ordinis Fratrum B.V. Mariae de Monte Carmelo, ed. G. Wessels, Roma 1912, vol. I, p. 79. - Mesters Gondulf, ‘Johannes Brammart (1407), in Lexilon für Theologie und Kirche vol. 5, p. 1011 - W. J. Courtenay, “Theological Bachelors at Paris on the Eve of the Papal Schism: The Academic Environment of Peter of Candia,” in Philosophy and Theology in the Long Middle Ages: A Tribute to Stephen F. Brown, ed. K. Emery, R. Friedman, A. Speer (Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, 105), Leiden 2011, pp. 921-952, at p. 925. - W. J. Courtenay, Changing Approaches to Fourteenth-Century Thought, Toronto 2007, pp. 28-38. - A. Anisie, “Verbum Domini super Iohannem: John Brammart on the Word of God in the Beatific Vision,” in (forthcoming) 1340 master in theology 1384-1404 a provincial superior of the Lower German Province regent master at the Studium Generale in Cologne Utrum Verbum idealis relucentiae a Patre fluens productive perfecte beatificet Iohannem obiective.
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Reference to Brammart by Dionysius Cartusianus

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