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Other Titles: Mikołaj Budissen z Krakowa
Authors: NICOLAUS BUDISSEN DE CRACOVIA W. Knoll, “A pearl of powerful learning. The University of Cracow in the Fifteenth Century”, Brill: Leiden, Boston, 2016, p. 323, p. 488, p. 646, p. 653. -J. Kaliszuk, A. Pieniądz, P. Węcowski, K. Skwierczyński, Clavis scriptorum et operum Medii Aevi, Kraków, 2019, p. 619. (accessed 17.03.2021) Matriculated: in 1400 at the University of Krakow -ca. 1402-1403 baccalarius artium. -ca. 1403-1404 magister artium. -1414 (winter) dean of Arts Faculty. -1415 (summer) dean of Arts Faculty. - read Sentences o, 1419 -1416 rector. -according to P. Knoll in his Sentences he refers to Iacobus de Sandecia Nova as “magister mei”.
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