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Title: Sermones I-IV, Principium I-IV
debate.manuscript.libraryBiblioteka Jagiellońska
debate.manuscript.bibliographyLucyna Nowak, “O Dwoch Rekopisach Jana Sachasa Z Norymbergi W Krakowie”, in Przeglad Tomistyczny 21 (2015), pp. 365-378 (About two manuscripts of John Sachas of Nuremberg in Cracow) A. Kozłowska, L. Nowak, A. Sobańska et alii, Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum medii aevi latinorum qui in Bibliotheca Jagellonica Cracoviae asservantur, vol. 11, Numeros continens inde a 1501 usque ad 1575, Cracovie, Bibliotheca Jagellonica, Officina editoria Księgarnia Akademicka, 2016, pp. 116-121 Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, “Some Palaeographical Observations on the Rorah Scrolls from Medieval: Binding Fragments from the Jagellonian Library, in European Genizah. Newly Discovered Hebrew Bindings Fragments in Contexts, ed. Andreas Lehnardt, Leiden 2020, pp. 228-270, here p. 236
debate.manuscript.folSermo I (ff. 16r-v), II (ff. 17r-18v), III (ff. 19r-20v), IV (ff. 20v-22r); Principium I (ff. 28r-33v) Principium II (34r-39v), Principium III (ff. 41r-45r), Principium IV (ff. 45v-49v) Solem suum facit oriri super bonos et malos (Mt. 5, 45)
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