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Title: Principium I-IV: Oxford
debate.manuscript.libraryBodleian Library
debate.manuscript.bibliographyC. Schabel, M. Brinzei, M. Maga, «The Golden Age of Theology at Prague: Prague Sentences Commentaries, ca. 1375-1381, with a Redating of the Arrival of Wycliffism in Bohemia», in Historia Universitatis Carolinae Pragensis 55 (2015), p. 22.
debate.manuscript.shelfmarkCanon. misc. 573
debate.manuscript.fol2ra-6ra (Principium I), 54ra-60ra (Principium II), 94ra-98rb (Principium III), 111ra-115rb (Principium IV), convent of St. Thomas by Johannes de Reiz
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