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Title: Henricus de Tremonia
debate.associate.bibliographyCUP III p. 396 P. Kibre, The Nations in the Mediaeval Universities, Cambridge, 1948, p.88 ; C. Guyon, Les Ecoliers du Christ. L'ordre canonial du Val des Écoliers (1201-1539), Saint-Etienne, 1998, pp. 294, 298, 314, 327. V. Marcolino, "Zum Abhängiskeitsverhältnis der Sentenzenkommentare der Augustinertheologen Petrus Gracilis (+1393) und Iohannes von Basel (+1392)", in Analecta Augustiniana 71 (2008), pp. 493-529, here p. 499
debate.manuscript.libraryBritish Library
debate.manuscript.folff. 4r, 10r-11, 128, 132v-133r, 193v, 197r-v
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