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Title: Principium I-IV / Sermo I-IV: Lilienfeld
debate.manuscript.libraryStiftsarchiv und Stiftsbibliothek
debate.manuscript.bibliography- Fr. STEGMÜLLER, Repertorium commentariorum in Sententias Petri Lombardi 1, Würzburg, 1947, no. 466–468, p. 228. - G. TESSIER, „Jean de Mirecourt. Philosophe et Théologien“, in L’Histoire Littéraire de la France, t. XL, Paris, 1966, p. 29.
debate.manuscript.shelfmarkHS 148
debate.manuscript.folSermo I (ff. 145rb-145vb); Principium I (ff. 145vb-150vb); Sermo II (ff. 150vb – 151rb); Principium II (ff. 151rb-156ra); Sermo III (ff. 253rb-253va); Principium III (ff. 253va-257ra); Sermo IV (ff. 290ra-291ra); Principium IV (ff. 291ra-294ra)
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