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Authors: ASCENCIUS DE SANCTO COLUMBA Cenci, “Sermoni del mag. Ascensio di Santa Colomba,” Antonianum 66 (1991), 301-351. Zenon Kaluza, “La nature des écrits de Jean de Ripa,” Traditio 43 (1987), 257-298. Chris Schabel, “The Genre Matures. Parisian Principia in the 1340s, from Gregory of Rimini to Pierre Ceffons,” part III of W.O. Duba and C. Schabel, The Rise of a New Genre of Scholastic Disputation: Principia on the Sentences, 1315-1350, Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming. 1315 (before 2 October) studies at Cordeliers in Paris, bishop of Sarlat 24 September 1361 to death Arts: Biblicus: ca. 1346-1347 Sententiarius: Lecture Sentences in 1348-1349 (probably again 1351-1352) Baccalarius Formatus: 1349 Vesperies/Aula/Inception: After 31 March 1352 Magister Regens: probably 1352-1353 Magister: from 1352 onward in Sainte-Columbe between Bordeaux and Sarlat-la-Canéda
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